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hape. – the electronic offering of Arthur Porro – emerged in 2021 from a bedroom in Paris. In a pivotal moment for his artistic journey, hape. was selected among 500 candidates for a prestigious residency in Paris, where he spent two weeks creating non-stop in a professional studio. This kickstarted his project, leading to the release of his first single « Greatness » in February 2021. From that point on, he dropped one song each month, culminating in « Walls » – his most-streamed track to date.

Alchemising melodic techno and deep house, the hape. sound supplies melancholy and epiphany, and pushes to unite listeners under the happy ache of being human.

Arthur started his sonic journey as a teen in the Paris rock scene while recording tracks for his band – and it was there that he developed his affinity for production. Though the electronic realms of hape. is a departure from those roots, Arthur continues to chase the “raw energy” and catharsis of rock, repurposing it into new sonic contexts. “I need to make you feel empowered, to speak for yourself, to do something,” he expands. “And that’s something that came from my start out in rock music.”

hape. tracks are also musical postcards from the cities that shaped his artistry; beyond Paris, and Berlin, the assorted soundscapes of London also influenced his electronic output.

The project’s genesis takes influence from a diverse selection of musical influences, from the acoustic-driven live electronica of RÜFÜS DU SOL, to the irresistible danceability of Camelphat, Bodzinesque basslines and all the urgent atmosphere of Ben Böhmer.

In 2023, hape. Is reaching new heights – composing new tracks, hosting his radio show, and releasing fresh tunes. He recently dropped a remix of Fred Again X Swedish House Mafia’s Turn On The Lights again, and this month releases brand new track Rebirth.

 Speaking about new track Rebirth, hape. shares:

“When we moved to Berlin in 2022, things were challenging for me… I lost myself on a journey of trying to please people. I was all up in my head. Am I a producer? Am I a DJ? I learned to trust myself to just make music – and that’s when I produced Rebirth. And that was a really important moment of soul-searching for me as an artist. It was a new starting point and a way of telling myself: you’re good enough.”

“This is the first piece of music I’ve released in a year and a half; it’s a new starting point for me. It’s an evolution: a little more ambience, and smoother – it’s about navigating towards what you’re feeling. I had the concept of a flower blooming, and that’s how I’m feeling about this song in particular, and music in general.”

“There’s a lot of changes in the world. Such uncertainties – and flowers are real, concrete elements where you can feel joy. Joy about blooming – and the fact that nature, at least, still exists.”


“In electronic music there’s a sub-genre for everyone.”

In summer 2022, hape. launched Undefined, a weekly radio show curating new music across melodic techno and progressive house. It’s now at over 35 episodes, and has even received attention from iconic UK duo Camelphat.

“Undefined is a way to share new music, help people discover the genre – and also keeps me at the center of what’s going on right now,” says Porro. “It also gives the chance for exposure, for new artists. I can do it myself, and I want to do it my way. It’s a great way to discover the genre, and be part of the community.”

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